Elizabeth Christy Taylor, Attorney

Elizabeth is a compassionate and determined advocate who represents all types of individuals in divorce, separation, custody, child and spousal support, prenuptial agreements, relocation, and parentage/paternity. Elizabeth takes pride in her ability to obtain her client’s desired results using various strategies and, while she consistently explores the possibility of settlement, is not averse to litigation and relishes her time in the courtroom. In an era when many attorneys went to law school to pass the time, Elizabeth is driven and passionate about her work.

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Anna M. Vujovic, Associate Attorney

Anna M. Vujovic, Associate Attorney

Anna is compassionate and driven to achieve the best outcome for those she works with. She believes our clients need not only the best legal team in times of emotional turmoil, but an individualized approach to fit the needs of the client.

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Samantha Hansen, Paralegal

Erin K. Morris, Associate Attorney

Erin is a zealous and committed advocate for her clients and their families. Erin understands that family law is the most deeply personal way in which the law touches our lives, and she approaches each client’s case with compassion, transparency, and attention to detail.

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Conor Buie

Conor Buie, Associate Attorney

When helping people deal with their legal issues, Conor takes the “Keep calm and carry on” approach – deal with problems with a level head, and thoughtfully and carefully create solutions to those problems.

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Mindy Stannard, Attorney

Mindy works hard to zealously advocate for her clients throughout each step of their case, whether that is working to settle the issues through negotiation/mediation or preparing for court. She represents a diverse group of individuals in divorce, custody, parenting time, paternity, child support, spousal support, third-party custody, pre-nuptial agreements, restraining order cases, and sometimes serves as a court-appointed attorney for children.

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Jennifer Peckham

Jennifer L. Peckham, Associate Attorney

Jennifer is a highly experienced family law attorney, having handled hundreds of cases since becoming licensed in 2009. While divorce and custody cases are common in her practice, Jennifer has also handled relocations, child and spousal support modifications, dissolutions of domestic partnerships, and restraining order cases.

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Austin Batalden

Austin B. Batalden, Attorney

As an empathetic and committed advocate, Austin has extensive experience in a broad range of family law litigation. Her practice areas include divorce, legal separation, custody and parenting time disputes, child and spousal support, same-sex dissolutions that pre-date marriage equality, relocation, parentage/paternity, and third-party/grandparent rights cases.

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