We offer assistance with modifications of parenting plans, time sharing, financial or medical support and child custody. Circumstances often change after formalizing a parenting plan or order of child support. When they do, a modification of the order or judgment may be permissible.

Modifications of child support can only be requested if there has been a substantial change in circumstance or if it has been at least three years since the date the support order was entered.

You can find a listing of required forms and steps for modifications in Washington online and we can help you through the process.

Oregon provides comprehensive information online including family law and parenting plan materials.

The party seeking the modification will have the burden of proving that their request meets the appropriate standard. These issues are taken very seriously in Oregon and Washington. We can offer counsel about whether or not the changed circumstances are sufficient to support a modification or how to respond to a requested modification by the opposing party. The process can seem overwhelming, but we’ll be walking you through the process making sure you don’t miss key steps and ensuring you and your child’s best interests are represented.