Comprehensive Divorce and Family Law Services


We understand that divorce is unpleasant. We are committed to providing compassionate representation while we aid in resolving all aspects of your divorce.

Managing the details of your divorce can be difficult while dealing with the emotion that accompanies the divorce. We will manage the details and provide guidance in making decisions that can have life-long consequences.

Legal Separation

A legal separation can encompass many, if not all, of the issues you will endure in a divorce. If you are unsure whether or not your should pursue a legal separation or divorce, we can provide you with guidance on the best way to file. Should you decide to formally separate but remain legally married, we can still help to preserve your interests.

Fair and Equitable Distribution of Property and Debts

The division of property and debts in a marriage, marital like relationship, or domestic partnership can be simple and straightforward in some cases, and in other cases be difficult and complex. Regardless of your type of case, we are sure to protect your interests in property acquired during the relationship, prior to the relationship, and by gift or inheritance. The goal is to maintain your interests while achieving a fair and equitable distribution.

Divorce Differences in OR and WA

Oregon and Washington do not differ substantially with regard to divorce law. The major difference lies with property and debt distribution. Although, both states require a division of property and debts that is just and equitable based on the circumstances.

Washington is a community property state. Community property is characterized as property acquired during the marriage. Separate property is characterized as property brought into the marriage, acquired by gift, or acquired by inheritance. All property is before the court for consideration. Typically, community property is divided equally or close to equally and each party keeps his or her separate property.

Oregon is an equitable distribution state. Assets and debts are considered “marital” and they are split fairly based on the facts of the case.

Procedurally, there are differences between Oregon and Washington. Most notably, both states have a 90 day waiting period to finalize the divorce, but Oregon will allow a waiver if the parties have stipulated to a General Judgment.