“The best at what she does. HONEST! Elizabeth Christy is a hard working professional. She worked on a parenting plan and child support case for us. We were extremely happy with how she handled that case, that when we needed an attorney for another case, we went straight to her. She doesn’t do unnecessary work to run up a bill like some attorneys, she is very fair for her time, knowledge and skill. She is patient, understanding, will argue your case with integrity and fortitude. If you need an Attorney and want the best? You found her! Best Wishes”

Jeff & Sara

“Elizabeth is a top-flight attorney, and I cannot recommend anyone more highly. She is ultra-competent and sharply focused, and will advocate solidly on your behalf while maintaining the right balance of class and decorum necessary to make real headway with the “other side.” Elizabeth’s qualities as an attorney are particularly enhanced by the fact that she is simply an outstanding human being. This ethereal and irreplaceable “heart and soul” is important, because your family law attorney sees you, and most everything about you, at one of life’s lows.”

K. Brown

“Elizabeth is a professional with class, integrity, a knowledge of the law and procedures, emotional commitment, and common sense in her expertise in Family Law. She is committed to her practice and her clients, and you will be in GREAT hands – every client is her number one priority.”

Ginny Ann NicholsRealtor at Coldwell Banker - BSSP