ECLF Now Providing Mediation

Elizabeth Christy Law Firm is pleased to announce that seasoned attorney, Austin Batalden, is now providing mediation services for family law cases as well as drafting and filing services. For more information please contact us at (503)847-2900 or Remote conference solutions are available.

Guidance & Recommendations for Parents Affected by Stay-At-Home Order

Definition of Spring Break, Summer Break/Vacation or Holidays: While the schools are closed, parenting time shall continue as if the children are still attending school in accordance with the school calendar of the relevant district. “Spring break,” “summer break/vacation” or other designated holidays, means the regularly calendared breaks/vacations or holidays in the school district where the…

Same Sex Divorce

Same Sex Divorce

Same sex marriages have been legally recognized in Oregon since May 2014. Many same sex couples that eventually married in Oregon had been married or otherwise legally solemnized their relationship in another state or country or went through relationship commitment ceremonies before they could be legally married in Oregon. In some cases, the court may…